Moved By You

Right off the bat I’ll tell you my favorite thing about Courtney and Tobias’s wedding: their letters to each other. These letters still get me when I go back and watch their video again, even 9 months later. They were sweet, romantic, and just the perfect amount of whimsy to remind you of all the […]

Courtney + Tobias | Rochester, NY Wedding Video

I distinctly remember thinking one major thing as the hours were winding down on Loryn and Jared’s wedding night: I would totally be friends with these people! I enjoyed my time with them throughout the entire day I honestly didn’t feel like leaving. I could just keep hanging out with them! Let me back up […]

Loryn + Jared | Binghamton, NY Wedding Video

Upstate NY Wedding Video

Shannon and Matt met for their first date at a small bar and restaurant in the Binghamton, NY area called Jonathan’s. At the time, Shannon was adamanant that it wasn’t a date and that she wasn’t looking for a long-term relationship. But once they got to talking, they just couldn’t stop and Matt knew from […]

Shannon + Matt | Upstate NY Wedding Video