Moved By You

In today’s blog post I’m bringing you another couple near and dear to my heart — Adrienne and Phil! These two wonderful people are part of what I call my “church family.” Anyone you actually do life with that also share the same values and beliefs as you pretty much become family members in my […]

Adrienne + Phil | Central NY Wedding Video

I remember the first time I met Libby. We were just about to get our puppy, Zeke, and I was talking to my friend Shelby at church about the things that we needed to get to be prepared to bring him home. Libby was standing right next to us and she piped up, “I have […]

Libby + Yusuke | Central NY Wedding Video

Shannon and Tony’s story starts at a bar fittingly called Uncle Tony’s. Shannon’s group of friends met Tony’s groups of friends and the two groups quickly connected – but it was the relationship between Shannon and Tony that really took off. Let’s back up a little bit though. Let me tell you about the first […]

Shannon + Tony | Chenango Valley State Park, Binghamton, NY Wedding Video